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Focusing on EVs means our partner policies tend to be 30-40% cheaper.

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We've vetted the most EV-friendly insurance companies – and pass the savings on to you. We earn commission when you decide to go with one of our partners, so it costs you nothing.

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We support all electric vehicles, new and old

Insurance carriers rely on our expertise to access data on the latest EV models. That enables our partners to offer our members the best rates possible!

We understand EVs and how they're different

Electric vehicles are still a fairly new phenomenon. Just like any other new product in the market, it takes a special set of expertise and understanding to provide early adopters with the level of service they deserve.

Why Electrade?

Typical EV premiums run from $1600-$5000+ a year - 19% above the national average! However, the data shows electric vehicle owners are safer drivers, file less non accident-related claims - which is why electrade was created.

About Electrade

People love electrade insurance...

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Nicholas E. – Cupertino, CA

"Using Electrade, I was able to save $425 on my i3 annual insurance costs. These guys are responsive and easy to interact with."

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Sarah W. – Long Beach, CA

"I love my Model S but the insurance cost was too high until I found this website. In a matter of minutes, I was able to lower my premium by 18%"

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Armin S. – San Marcos, CA

"Traditional agents don't understand electric cars, Electrade knew exactly what I was looking for and was able to get me insured very quickly!"

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